Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Society Announces Town-Wide Tag Sale

It's All About History
June 14th is Flag Day, the day we commemorate the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as our nation's flag. Saturday June 14, 2008 also happens to be the day on which the Chatham Historical Society will sponsor its 3rd Annual Town-wide Tag Sale. What better way to mark national history than to participate in an event that helps fund the Society's ongoing efforts to preserve local history?

Be a Seller: How to Participate
If you would like to participate as a seller and have your tag sale location listed on our master tag sale map, all that's required is a $15 tax-deductible donation check made payable to the Chatham Historical Society.

Application forms are available at the East Hampton Public Library, Town Clerk's office, and from Society members. Application forms must be received by June 1st. Application forms also include information about rain date options.

Be a Shopper: How to Participate
The Society will make free tag sale maps available to shoppers from a variety of locations throughout town. If you happen to find that special something in your town-wide tag sale travels, we hope you'll consider visiting our Museum and learning more about our efforts.

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